Art of Gymnastics & Cheer

The Art of Gymnastics and Cheer provides children of all ages and abilities a positive learning environment in fundamental movement and basic gymnastics, dance and cheerleading skills.


Welcome back everyone!!!!!
The past 11.5 months have proven to be very challenging, to say the least. We know many parents and children are ready to get back to exercising and FUN!
We will be adding classes as the mandates lighten and permit us to do so. We will be following all Government mandates for the safety of your children, your family and our staff.
Be sure to keep checking the schedule and “refresh” your browser daily as we add to our fantastic new schedule!

(Schedule is best viewed on a desktop computer)

 Classes start MARCH 1st!   Our online registration will be open live March 1st.  (link will be posted here and on our facebook page Monday afternoon).   


cool     GREAT NEWS!!!  

We have just confirmed our 2021 End of the Season *Outdoor Performance of “Tumbling & Dancing Through The Fairytales” for Sunday, June 27th at 6:00pm .  This will be held at the beautiful Byrne Plaza located at 3400 Pacific Ave.   For additional information follow our updates on fb and instagram


*All Covid-19 restrictions and Govt. Mandates will be followed


Due to the Pandemic and the NJ Govt Mandate, we do not have a full roster of Classes.  We have kept our 2019 Summer Info link to the right (or in the drop down menu if using a mobile device) so you all may see the classes that will be coming at our new location for 2021 in just a few weeks (aside from any updated Govt Mandates).

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram we we make daily & weekly updates.

In addition:  

New Pandemic Changes at AOGAC 

Art of Gymnastics & Cheer realizes this has been a very stressful past 12 months.  We care and love all of the families that join our Academy.   We DO realize the difficulties that are coming up in just a week with students and the new teaching methods.  With that being said, we have heard your suggestions and have taken action.  Due to the national pandemic and the New Jersey Governor mandate, gymnastics and dance schools are permitted to open only at 35% occupancy. So we at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer will offer our families a wonderful special

19.99 yearly registration fee ONLINE, which saves your child a spot for the year!!  

This will guarantee your child a spot to begin classes when you and your child are ready!!   That’s right, pay the registration fee now and register from the comfort of your own home and that will guarantee your child a slot from now through the summer of 2021. 

Feel free to come back and join when you are comfortable and feeling completely safe.   We are looking to let the children get back into school and gain some sense of a normal schedule. We feel that waiting until October to resume normal recreational classes is in the best interest for our families, our students, our staff and our instructors. 

We will offer wonderful classes like:

•Parent & Tot

•Toddler gymnastics 

•Jungle gym boys gymnastics

•Pre-School age classes

•Aerial Arts 


•Birthday Gatherings

And MUCH more!


Together we will continue to get through this. However, you can have comfort in knowing that you can register and save your child’s spot for anytime in the 2021 season.  


While in our temporary location, we are making changes and strictly following our Government mandates.  The regulations regarding social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, masks wearing when needed, instructor and student spatial awareness are all followed.  We have also greatly reduced class sizes and implemented other safety recommendations.


There is nothing more exciting than the students being to able to exercise and practice skills with other children.  They will cherish these fun times after such a rough past 6 months.  However, the safety of our students is the #1 priority!


For new students simply login here and create an account. 

For previously enrolled students: 
login using your email here

Ask about our Special VIRTUAL classes If you feel more comfortable with your child doing online learning.  We are able to even do online one on one instruction and small group type training from the comfort of your homes.  We can easily cater to home schooling students as well via virtual online training or in person during the day (2020/2021). 


Join Art of Gymnastics & Cheer today….your children will have a wonderful time.  Sign up now with a new friend and receive the Registration Fee for only $14.99!


Our staff have you all in our thoughts as your children begin their new hybrid/virtual schooling this coming week 


We are here to help when you are ready 


Be sure to visit our Facebook Page where updates and events are posted weekly! 

Check for info on Fall 2020 Registration 

Flip & Fun

Flip & Fun is a great form of exercise for your little ones. They can climb and bounce and swing and roll with your help! Flip & Fun is like being in the park, but indoors. Each child’s parent or guardian takes them around our 5,000 sq foot facility for great exercise and fun!

Equipment Team

Join an elite group of state gymnastics champions. We offer classes for both the competition team and fun, recreational classes for all.

Dance & Acro

Our National Award-Winning Dance and Acro team are what we are best known for at AOGAC. We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, aerial arts, hand balancing, contortion and so much more! Come try a class today!

What Parents Are Saying

My daughter just finished her first year on the gymnastics team. She competed at states and got first in all around and vault. She is very happy and looking forward to training and learning new skills for the next competition season.
Kristine Jordan

My daughter just finished her Nationals competition during her second year on Jeff’s team, where she won many, many amazing trophies, took some of the best classes with the top choreographers and teacher in the US, and won a National Championship cup with her fabulous teammates! I am beyond blessed that I am afforded the opportunity to have my daughter work with such amazingly talented coaches and teammates. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have instilled in Kinsley over the past two years, on and off the dance floor. Here’s to many more fabulous years to come.
Danielle Wilson

My two year old twins love it here. We do the Flip & Fun on Mondays and they also do the toddler gymnastics on Saturdays. They scream with excitement the moment we pull into the parking lot! I highly recommend this place.

Tiffany Heston

The staff builds confidence while teaching skills and technique. I am forever grateful for all my daughters have learned here.
Tracy Derr Dougherty